Meridian Medical Centre’s Human Resource policy is based on the belief that our most valued assets are our people. Meridian Medical Centre staff upholds the principles and core values of the Organization, including integrity, professionalism, efficiency and respect for diversity. Meridian Medical Centre provides an opportunity to serve in a dynamic environment.

Recruitment at all levels is done in an open, transparent and equitable manner, which reflects the commitment we have to quality and equal opportunity. It also offers university students opportunities to serve as interns.

Meridian Medical Centre welcomes applications and is looking for competent and motivated persons with a strong belief in its purpose and mandates, who are willing to dedicate themselves to a rewarding career. Looking for an opportunity to join our team please click here.

Our Clinics
  • Westlands Clinic
  • Thika Clinic
  • Ongata Rongai Clinic
  • Nation Centre Clinic
  • Nakuru Clinic
  • Mombasa Clinic
  • Landmark Doctors Plaza
  • Kitengela Clinic
  • Kisumu Clinic
  • Donholm Clinic
  • City Square Clinic
  • Capital Centre
  • Buru Buru Clinic
  • Machakos Clinic
  • Meru Clinic
  • Kakamega Clinic
  • Nyeri Clinic
  • Meridian Hospital Galana
  • Meridian Hospital Kiserian
  • Meridian Equator Hospital
  • Karatina Recovery Centre